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11.06.10 UNC Loreleis' Fall Jam 8pm
11.13.10 with the BU Dear Abbeys 8pm
12.03.10 Winter Show 7+9:30pm
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The Beelzebubs


Penn Rosen

Penn Rosen

Tenor 2
Music, B'11
Brattleboro, VT

Penn was born and raised in a small Vermont town, where he learned to sing by mimicking the mooing outside his window. He began singing professionally at a young age with his dad and sisters, and still has nightmares about those horrific teddy bear costumes. His high school was rife with musical possibilities, and he was lucky enough to refine his musical skills with an assortment of vocal and instrumental groups, including All-State choir and a student-run a cappella group. Now at Tufts, Penn is done crooning with the cows, and is eager to sleep until noon, gain the freshman (senior?) fifteen, and, of course, sing with the Bubs.