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11.06.10 UNC Loreleis' Fall Jam 8pm
11.13.10 with the BU Dear Abbeys 8pm
12.03.10 Winter Show 7+9:30pm
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Eli Seidman

Eli Seidman

Psychology, B'11
New York, NY

Eli was born and raised in NYC and from an early age was exposed to all types of music. He comes from a very musical family (his uncle was the world famous prodigy violinist Michael Rabin), so it only follows that Eli will become world famous as well (although maybe not for his musical ability). He was in his synagogue's choir during the years when strange things started happening and he changed from a tenor to a bass, a part he has been singing ever since. He has been playing guitar and piano for as long as he can remember, and has played cello and trumpet intermittently. He put his aspirations to perform music and sing on hold for the past 5 years while he did sound engineering in school and synagogue. He is thrilled to finally have a place to sing and can't wait to awkwardly serenade people with the basslines to songs.