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11.06.10 UNC Loreleis' Fall Jam 8pm
11.13.10 with the BU Dear Abbeys 8pm
12.03.10 Winter Show 7+9:30pm
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The Beelzebubs


Eric Morrissey

Eric Morrissey

Tenor 1
Physics, B'12
Farmington, CT

Eric Morrissey, hailing from the suburbs of Farmington, Connecticut, has explored many facets of human capabilities. He has been challenged academically by inspiring teachers and intelligent peers. He has pushed his body through years of athletic pursuits. However, remaining constant through all his endeavors has been his love of music. Beginning the viola at age six, his life has been anchored by music ever since. Although his vocal experience is limited, he is incredibly excited to explore a cappella as a new musical outlet, especially surrounded by so many talented singers. He looks forward to the Bubs expanding his horizons in any direction, be it musical or not. Humbled by his early experiences with the group, Eric can't wait to get the most out of being a Bub!