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11.06.10 UNC Loreleis' Fall Jam 8pm
11.13.10 with the BU Dear Abbeys 8pm
12.03.10 Winter Show 7+9:30pm
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The Beelzebubs



Pandæmonium (2007)

Recorded in Somerville, Medford, & Brighton, MA; Bronx, NY; as well as Moultonborough, NH.
Mixed at Bill Hare Productions, Silicon Valley, CA
Mastered at Paul Stubblebine Mastering & DVD, San Francisco, CA
Producer and Tracking Engineer:
Ed Boyer
Mixing Engineer: Bill Hare
Mastering Engineer: Michael Romanowski
Art and Layout: Shannon Walsh
Photography: Shannon Walsh

  1. Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles) (arr. Appel, Boyer B'04, Crossley, Koutzoukis; perc. Van Lenten)
  2. City Of Blinding Lights (U2) (arr. Koutzoukis; solo McCormick, trio Conrad / Terry, perc. Van Lenten)
  3. Mama, I'm Coming Home (Ozzy Osbourne) (arr. Boyer B'04; solo Savini, perc. Crossley)
  4. New Age Girl (Deadeye Dick) (arr. Crossley; solo Appel, perc. Crossley)
  5. Linger (The Cranberries) (arr. Boyer B'04; solo Rogers, perc. Van Lenten)
  6. Love It When You Call (The Feeling) (arr. Fernandi B'85; solo Walker, trio McCormick / Michelson / Terry, perc. Van Lenten)
  7. When I Get You Alone (Thicke) (arr. Boyer B'04; solo Savini, perc. Van Lenten)
  8. Livin' On The Edge (Aerosmith) (arr. Boyer B'04; solo Crossley, perc. Van Lenten)
  9. A Bad Dream (Keane) (arr. Marshall B'03; solo Lamm, perc. Koutzoukis)
  10. Digging In The Dirt (Peter Gabriel) (arr. Boyer B'04; leads Appel / Fallon / Fuerstein / Ho / Rogers, perc. Van Lenten)
  11. Smiley Faces (Gnarls Barkley) (arr. Appel; solo Savini, perc. Van Lenten)
  12. Ruby Falls (Guster) (arr. Boyer B'04; solo McCormick, duet Koutzoukis, perc. Van Lenten)
  13. Come Sail Away (Styx) (arr. Squibb B'92; solo Michelson, duet Walker, perc. Koutzoukis)

2006-2007 Group Members: Matt Michelson (President), Arkady Ho (Business Manager), Benjamin Appel (Music Director), Lucas Walker (Music Director), Alexander Koutzoukis (Music Director), Andrew Savini (Historian), Paul Alvarez, Timothy Conrad, Adrian Dahlin, Benjamin Kelsey, Matt Kraft, Nick Lamm, Matt McCormick, Doug Terry, Matt Thomas, Christopher Van Lenten

2005-2006 Group Members: Eric Fuerstein (President), Doug Terry (Business Manager), Ben Kelsey (Music Director), Sean Zinsmeister (Music Director), Kyle Crossley (Historian), Benjamin Appel, Peter Fallon, Arkady Ho, Alexander Koutzoukis, Matt Kraft, Matt Michelson, Kyron Rogers, Andrew Savini, Christopher Van Lenten, Lucas Walker